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I am Brigitta Gumpold. As a result of my various trainings, I can sense people's energy. In my work, I merge science and spirituality into one powerful energetic tool. I help people from all walks of life to re-connect to their full potential, power, and purpose. It is my calling to enable you, to live your life to the fullest on the mental, emotional, and physical level. When working with me, expect a firework of power and energy paired with warmth and empathy for you and your topic! Together we will transform all your energetic roadblocks, conflicts, and negative emotions into the desired changes/solutions you are longing for. Confidence, success, accessing your full potential on demand, fun, fulfillment, and passion for your life returns. If desired weight loss, a slim and fit body, getting rid of self-sabotaging patterns or addictions, can occur.


...Who... my work for...

I work with people from all walks of life. Anybody who is longing for change, fulfillment and more success in their life! Whether you are a single mom or a "high achiever" such as a top athlete or CEO of a successful business cooperation. If you are feeling stuck and powerless, currently experiencing a burnout or depression, if you have lost your "cest for life" regardless of how wealthy or successful you are, if for “unknown” reasons you can't re-connect to the joy and passion in your life or can't repeat your successes of the past because you have lost the ability to access your inner genius / full potential on demand - then we could be a match!


...What... expect when working with me...

Energy work will change the way you feel in a miraculous way! Feeling stuck turns into freedom - feeling powerless turns into self-empowerment - fear turns into lightness and a positive outlook - not knowing what to do turns into sudden insights - depression turns into hope - sadness turns into happiness - not being loved or appreciated turns into "I am amazing" - having lost your ability for peak performance on demand turns into limitless energy and new ideas...My energetic work goes beyond the mind, the intellect. I go straight to the core, working with your energy at the cellular level. To you it will feel like an “energetic deep clean”. The way you feel today or how successful you are, is a direct result of all your past experiences. Every event / emotion is stored as information in your (energetic) body, as "fields or layers of energy". This explains why all of a sudden, life can feel like you have lost your ability to be successful, or why you keep repeating self-destructive patterns, or why fear, anxiety or feeling stuck and powerless are suddenly a part of your life, and why all your affirmations and power-statements fall onto barren soil. While working together, all your energetic and emotional blockages are cleared at the deepest level to make way for the desired positive change and success you are looking and longing for.


How good you can feel, how successful you can become and how amazing your life can be!
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Energetic Clearing | Coaching/Mentoring | 1:1 Intensive | Business PA | Weight loss | Fitness | Massage


Energy Work

You can book my energetic work as a single session or as part of a tailored package. Please be aware, in a single session we might only be able to work on your topic at the surface layer. From experience I know, what emerges at the surface, most times in not the real cause because once the Pandora box is opened, new topics emerge. Therefore, several sessions might be necessary to get to the root and shift the energies at the deepest level. This is why in a non-binding consultation we will discuss how to best suit your needs and your desired outcome.


Energetic Clearing Session

Single session: A single session takes about 1 hour..

Tailor-made: Together we decide how many sessions in what timeframe to go for. But nothing is set in stone and should we discover, along the way, that you need fewer or more session we simply adapt. We determine individually whether we have a session every day or take breaks. It will all depend on how you feel, how fast you want to move forward.

Tailor-made Coaching/Mentorship

If you want to go really deep and love the idea of being supported closely.

To address your individual needs/topics at the core and to guarantee maximum success within a coaching or mentorship I am available on demand for you and your concerns. Coaching/Mentorship can go over weeks & months. My energetic clearing work will be the main tool and if you wish, we will also integrate topics around your physical fitness and/or weight loss and nutrition. Please contact me for a non-binding consultation as the subject is far too complex to explain it in a couple of sentences.

Luxury 1:1 Intensive

For a specific time and at a location of your choosing we will meet and work intensively on all your topics. If desired, we will include my other skills such as massage, fitness/flexibility, and nutrition. For how long we meet will also depend on your desired outcome. Please contact me for a non-binding consultation where we can discuss all questions and evaluate what suits best.

Energetic Business PA

Ready for something new and unusual?

Longing for change but you are just not able to set aside the time? You can book all my services while going about your business. Whether I join you on site or accompany you on a business trip I will take on the part of your energetic personal assistant. Aside from my energetic work I can support you with your nutritional choices, show you how to implement exercise to stay fit and flexible and if possible, treat you to a luxury, tailor-made massage. Please contact me to discuss how my work could be integrated into your business life.



Weight loss & Nutrition

Many times, weight loss and shifting your nutritional approach is a side effect when working on your emotional topics. I am happy to assist you with all your questions around the subject.



Fitness & Flexibility

Let me show you how you can attain and maintain a flexible and fit body with as little as 20 minutes a day.




Treat yourself to a tailormade massage session based on the unique art of Hawaiian Massage - Kahuna Bodywork.


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...will we work together...

We will adapt our time together to best suit your needs and circumstances. Everything will be tailor made for you to achieve the desired outcome. Depending on what services you go for you can book my support for a single session or a tailor-made coaching/ mentorship.

There are no rules or restrictions to how we can work can all happen online or if it suits you best, I will join you on site, accompany you on your (business) trips or we meet somewhere nice to make it feel like a relaxing retreat. Anything is possible. Sidenote: If we do not meet personally, the distance between us makes no difference to the quality and impact of my energetic work.


All your topics are welcome!

Traumatic and stressful events resulting in energetic blockages, physical ailments, destructive addictions, self-sabotage, burnout or depression - Relationship conflicts of all kinds (family, work, private) - Past traumatic events - Feeling stuck and powerless in a boring life but wanting to feel joie de vivre once again - Having lost your ability for peak performance on demand - Longing for a romantic partner but reliving subconscious believes and patterns over and over again - Needing clarity for a specific situation or topic - Longing for your true calling - Wanting to lose weight or once and for all shift your nutritional approach - Wanting to have a fit, strong and flexible body - Longing for a relaxing massage...the list of topics is endless whether it concerns the physical, mental, emotional, or energetic level.


Please contact me with all your questions!


























...My ToolBox...

A Reflection of my Versatility!


Energetic Work


...explain the inexplicable...


Imagine: You are living a completely "normal" life, when you suddenly notic: you can sense people's energy fields. Intuitively you can feel where these fields are and what energy they carry ... light, lively, heavy, overwhelming... And suddenly you notice that you can shift these energy fields - sadness turns into joy and confidence - limitation turns into complete freedom - conflicts turn into inner strength - "I can't do it" transforms into a sense of pure self-confidence! This gift grows stronger, and you become conscious of the fact that you can use it to help other people! You can help them solve or transform their fears, problems, blockages, and obstructive subconscious patterns. But above all, you notice that these people are restored to their full strength through your work! Joy and zest for life comes back to them, and their conflicts are resolved! You witness many of these people discovering - maybe even for the first time in their lives - who THEY REALLY ARE - because suddenly, they rid themselves of all the limitations and patterns which they consciously or unconsciously adopted from society, family, friends, the media...


Certified Training


SHT Master Coach

Spiegelgesetz Coach

Quantum Tao Level 1-2

Russian Healing Methods - G.Grabovoi

Akashic Record-Consultant

...what exactly are the Akashic Records...


Your Akashic Records are unique! It is a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions. It is the energy field that contains all information relating to your past, present and future.


Flexibility & Fitness

Certified Training



Stretching & Flexibility



Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield



Certified Training

Reflexology Massage 

Kahuna Bodywork, Lomi Lomi Nui-Practitioner

...the art of Hawaiian massage in its finest form...


Treat your senses and your body to the luxury of a Hawaiian massage called Lomi Ke Ala Hoku®. Lomi Ke Ala Hoku® is a nourishing path to deep relaxation, through which the eternally active mind can come to rest. For the duration of the massage, I will create an energetic space for you where you don't have to be or do anything. Classical Lomi Ke Ala Hoku® is a holistic massage. It aims to not only loosen up tense muscles, but also to address our whole being in order to also release inner tension and fears. Kahuna Bodywork differs from conventional massages in the very special way it is performed. Long flowing massage strokes performed with the forearm alternate with gentle joint stretching and vigorous body work, sometimes with the help of the elbow. Derived from the classical Lomi Ke Ala Hoku®, I have developed my own massage style and offer individual massages that are perfectly tailored to you and your needs.




Wildfit by Eric Edmeades - The Evolution of Health and Fitness




























...a  loveable, colourful bird...dancing with life...

...funny, powerful, sometimes wild and crazy...

                          ...deep, peaceful, caring...

...far from being perfect...

                                          ...a  life-loving, human being...


       ...HELPING YOU TO RE-CONNECT... your fullest potential & highest excitement...

                            ...that's why I came here...



...THERE ARE NO LIMITS  in live...

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...For You...



30-Minute Free Trial-Session

Did I catch your attention, but you are not sure what's it all about? Get in touch and get a taste of what an "energetic clearing session" feels like and how it could benefit you! I like things to be easy and straightforward! Simply get in touch via WhatsApp and next thing you know, we meet for your free trial session on Zoom or FaceTime.


Energetic HAPPY HOUR

As I receive so many amazing gifts from life, I love to give something back.

What exactly is my “Energetic Happy Hour”?

An energetic emergency band Aid

Something bothering you or throwing you off track ? - then my “Energetic Happy Hour” will be the right place for you. Once a week I give away 60 minutes of my time and take care of you and your emergencies / worries free of charge. Simply book your slot via WhatsApp - first come, first served - and I'll work with you on your topic for 10-15 minutes.


How can you join this service?

Just get in touch via WhatsApp and I will add you to the “Energetic Happy Hour” group. This is where I will post when exactly my happy hour will take place. Then you go ahead and book your slot privately, contacting me directly via WhatsApp - please don't book your slot in the group or post messages - the group is simply a platform I will use to announce the dates and all other news & topics regarding my "happy hour" and is not meant for sharing messages amongst the members. If you have any questions, comments, please contact me directly.









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...with EVERY INCH...

...of your being!...















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