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FOR YOU, there areno problems, only SOLUTIONS!


...YOU RADIATE youthful  beauty and look  YEARS YOUNGER...

You are a  bundle of energy, you are UNSTOPPABLE! have the courage to be be authentic... are GREATNESS...





























Your Body | Your Mindset | Your Charisma

...My Work...

Exceptional | Luxurious | All-Encompassing


For our entire time together I will be your


We work together WHEREVER and WHENEVER you need me!

Everything will be tailor-made for you and your needs, addressing all areas of your life

where you are longing for change!

I make sure the program we have designed will become a part of your daily routine.

I accompany you through your day, I travel with you
because you and your success are my top priority!


I take care of it all:

Your wellbeing, your fitness, your nutrition, your relaxation and your mindset!

As of now, I am your fitness-trainer, massage-practitioner, yoga-teacher, meditation-coach, mindset-trainer, nutritional-advisor, dance-teacher, intuition-trainer...


Is your life really busy, is a hectic daily routine or traveling the norm?

I'll step into the role of your personal assistant! 


Personal support on site is the most luxury and intensive choice but of course not the perfect solution for everyone. Whether it be online meetings or personal support on site, one-on-one sessions or comprehensive support over days and weeks, you choose the intensity and duration. The way we work together will always depend on what are the topics we are working on, how deep do you want to dive into the subject and how quickly do you want to see results.

Please contact me with all your questions for a non-binding consultation.


I look forward to meeting you!

























...My ToolBox...

A Reflection of my Versatility!


I am at your side for your morning-routine, treat you with an energizing massage to a powerful start to your day, make sure you exercise regularly and eat the right stuff during the day, take care of your mindset and if you want to, ask you for a dance to celebrate your success of the day!


In the past, if you haven’t taken the time to care for and honour your body and your mind in all the ways you should have, this is the time, this is the invitation to do it!


Mindset | Nutrition | Fitness & Mobility | MassageHiggs Field - Akash



As Within-As Without

No matter what it is you want to change in your life, your mindset is the base, the foundation for it to be successful! Without realizing it on a conscious level, our life is determined by our habits, addictions and belief-patterns. It is precisely these components that determine whether we are successful when it comes to lasting change. So, if we decide to do more sports or eat differently, it doesn't make much sense to do it based on "willpower" only. We have to anchor the "WHY we want the change" deeply in our subconscious, literally reprogram our minds.


Epigenetics & Heart-Brain Coherence

The science of epigenetics is looking into how our emotions are influencing our DNA. Our thoughts are directly connected to our emotions and our emotions manifest in the area of ​​our heart, the so-called Magnetic Field of the Heart.

A process called Heart-Brain Coherence synchronizes both, the heart and the brain at the same frequency. Your heart sends coherent signals to the brain and the brain synchronizes to the heart's coherent rhythm. You get into this state of coherence by learning how to shift your emotional state, and then heart coherence helps to calm your mind. Heart coherence also triggers positive hormonal releases.

This process combined with focused intention will be the turbo for healing, a deeper connection to your inner being and successful manifestations.


Certified training

SHT Master Coach, Spiegelgesetz Coach, Quantum Tao Level 1-2,

Russian Healing Methods - G.Grabovoi  




What you eat and drink are the most important building blocks for your health, youthful beauty and limitless energy!

When you change your diet your entire life will shift! You will look years younger and health, beauty and vitality will become an integral part of your life again.



With short and daily routines and "cold thermogenesis" all areas of your fitness (muscle building, endurance, flexibility / stretching) are taken care off and the body's own fat burning ability is activated. The result is a sporty and aesthetic looking body without long hours of workout. Special focus will also be on the mobility of your neck, shoulders and lower back.

Mobility & Flexibility

The most important question shouldn't be - How old will I become? - but - What will be the quality of my life? Am I healthy and mobile? I use fitness & yoga elements to create  tailor-made solutions to enable you to stay fit and supple for the rest of your life.

Intuitive Stretching & Massage

Your body knows exactly what it needs! Intuitive stretching is about following it's call and I'll show you how to do it best. While holding your stretching-position I will massage the corresponding areas of your body to allow for even deeper stretching and relaxation.

Music & Dance

Music and dancing ensure lightness, supports our coordination and is a playful way to remove blockages. For a few moments, simply surrender to the music, merge with your own movements and let go!


Certified Training & Courses

Yoga, Balance, Stretching and flexibility, Step-Aerobics,

Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield

Wildfit by Eric Edmeades - The Evolution of Health and Fitness



None of my massage treatments follow a rigid system! Each application is tailored to you and your needs. Whether you want a head & face massage, a power boost for your arms & legs, relief for your neck, shoulder & back area or a fulll body treatment, it is your choice!


Kahuna Bodywork Lomi Lomi Nui

Lomi Ke Ala Hoku® is a full body treatment and is a harmonious composition of massage, dance and energy work. Long, flowing massage strokes, performed with the forearm, alternate with gentle joint stretching and the use of the elbow. The loving, cradling touches in connection with the warm body oil and the appropriate music convey a feeling of security and allow you to relax and let go at all levels. 


Heaven's Cradle

Unique - a deep neck, shoulder and back massage while actually lying on your back.


Heaven's Cradle - Gentle

Deep Relaxation in its most superior Form.

A deep and gentle massage. You will feel like the whole universe is hugging you.


Heaven's Cradle - Power

Applying a unique and special massage technique, deep-seated tensions in the neck, shoulder and back area are targeted and released. You will feel like a new person!


7Phase Activation

A deep and gentle full body treatment. Stuck energy and blockages will be released, your energy centers cleansed and re-encoded.


Energetic Touch

A powerful massage energizing and stimulating your entire body. Your body's cells will be feeling fresh and full of energy!



So much more than just " a nice foot-massage" but a gentle relaxation or power-boost for your feet and the corresponding areas of your body.


Certified Training

Lomi Lomi Nui-Practitioner, Reflexology Massage




Scientifically, the "Higgs Field" is an energy field that exists within universe. It is a field, a container that has all the information about you and your life, whether past, present or future. This field has many names; Matrix, the Field, Akashic Records, Akash ... the name doesn't really matter.


This field and all its information about you and your life can be accessed on an energetic level through a "reading" or "channelling". This gives you the opportunity to connect with the knowledge of your past, present and future in order to receive important information about you and your life. Any problem or question is welcome. For example, limiting beliefs or destructive habits can be worked on. During a reading, I am just the channel through which the information is passed onto you.


Certified training

Akashic Record-Consultant - Gabriel Orr



Be worth it!


 Mindset | Nutrition | Fitness & Mobility | MassageHiggs Field - Akash





























On Demand


For Sports and Business Events

I travel with you and your team literally around the globe, accompany you to your event, work in the background to ensure that all members of your team are energized and fully motivated and remain at the highest level of performance for the duration of the event.


Intensive living means maximum Commitment!


I love to travel with my work and prefer an energetic, lively environment, that's why my heart is drawn to racing but I'd love to work in any other area as well. I work freelance and for me a regular 5-day working week and 9to5 working hours are just not exciting but rather boring. That´s why I invented "Team Support-On Demand". Flexibility and mobility are my greatest strengths, I am there for you - when and where you need me - because I fully adapt my working hours to your event.


Team-Support On-Demand

Energetic PitStop for your Team

The Idea behind:

An "energetic refuel option" which is available on demand for your team to recharge it's batteries and / or to relax.

Only a relaxed Mind and a vital Body are able
to meet the challenges of constantly having to perform at top level.


I look forward to your Inquiry!

Please contact me with all your questions. Together we can find out how my work could be a benefit for you and your team.

























                         ...close up...


...a dance being danced...

...enjoying LIFE with EVERY LAYER of my being...

...funny, powerful and different...

                          ...deep, peaceful and caring...

...because my book consists of lots of pages!

I LOVE DANCING, moving my body... being TOTALLY LAZY...

...I AM happy... I AM to ROAM THE STREETS with my friends all night long...


...far from being perfect-

                                          ...a human being...

Brigitta Gumpold



letting my heart run free and sometimes simply being WILD...


I wasn´t born to be STUCK in an office for days and days...


I come and join you...I travel with you!


I LOVE MY WORK and the fact, that I get to KNOW NEW PEOPLE and places all over the globe...

...Humour, PASSION FOR LIFE, having fun; dancing with friends...the BEST MEDICINE!

I hope you have PLENTY of it!



























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