...when was the last time...   

       did something nobody expected of you...THE LEAST YOU yourself..    


...CELEBRATED and DANCED until sunrise...


                                                       ....laughed HEARTILY and made mischief just for the fun of it.. embraced LIFE & LOVE with each fibre of your being... had the courage to be be authentic...


BodyMind-Design YOURSELF and experience...

...LOVE...JOY andPASSION in your life...

                        -allow yourself to have a HEALTHY and DESIRABLE Body-

-dance, be happy, CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE-

-instead of dreaming about...ACHIEVE all your GOALS-



Welcome home Human Being

Get your Power back! 


















if you had a life so exciting and amazing that you could not wait for the next day to come!



if you could feel the love, joy and passion for your life with every fibre of your being!



if you had a healthy, strong and beautiful body!


... what if all of this were possible ...  


Allow me to take you on a ride of joy and passion to finally tackle and implement the necessary changes.  


Don't just dream about it-MAKE IT HAPPEN!
I'll show you ways:


How you can change and create a life of which you wouldn't want to miss

a single moment because it's full of fun and you can't wait to get up in the morning and get started.


How to transform your body into

a healthy, sporty and adorable temple which you worship because of its beauty and grace.


How to turn negative thought patterns into life-affirming statements,

releasing blockages and enjoying life to the fullest whatever comes the way...


How to revive all your long-forgotten goals and dreams

and have fun to make them come true.


Life wants to be lived to the fullest!
























A BODY, slim, healthy and desirable!
A MIND, knowing what it wants and how to get it!
A SOUL, full of Love, Joy and Passion for Life!


From the Inside Out

Successful and lasting change is not achieved through sheer willpower but instead through reprogramming of our mindset on how we think about things at the deepest level, what patterns of behaviour we have acquired and where we block the desired changes. And this holds true for the body and the mind.


Essential for your Success:

 Your Discipline

Wishing and dreaming will give you pleasant feelings but no tangible results! In order to bring the desired changes into your life, your active and regular cooperation is essential! Out there, there is a sea of Coaching-Mentoring & support programs. Usually it's not the conten that fails us but our discipline, the DAILY implementation, of what needs to be done in order to be able to achieve the desired change or goal. That's why a huge focus is on your discipline.


How I work:

  • I work unconventionally, off the beaten track.     
  • I work with you as an individual as well as for your business if you want to increase the physical and mental well-being of your employees.     
  • I develop tailor-made concepts for you which, if implemented in a disciplined manner, will bring you maximum success.
There are no restrictions to time or location,
we work together when and where you need me.  


I join you at 5:00 am, live on the web and run you through your fitness routine, meditate with you at the weekend, if you need to talk I'm there for you and if you are in danger of loosing your motivation I will kick your ...


Our time together:


  • On Demand Single Sessions - covering any subject: Your fitness, health & nutrition, personal development, intuitive counselling, Readings in your Akashic Records      
  • Coaching-Support - Online via Skype / Zoom.This is like a mentoring program. The length will depend on how deep you want to dive into the topic. 
  • BodyMind-Retreat - We meet in person and create a tailormade program which will enable you to make all the desired changes. I will show you exactly how to implement it all into your daily life.


We will take care of:
Your Health & Fitness:

We'll create the perfect fitness program and if you choose include relaxing massage treatments.  


Your Nutrition:

I'll show you how to create a healthy diet and how to let go of weight and not regain it ...  


Your Mindset:

I will show you techniques to enable you to change your limiting patterns and beliefs,

teach you easy and successful techniques for visualization, meditation ...  


Your Souls Well-being:

We'll work with the field of the heart, Readings in your Akashic Records, activating your self-healing powers ...



Our time together will be fun and with the application of discipline you will be able to achieve the desired changes.


Please do contact me with all your questions. I will be happy to answer them all and together we can find out how my work could benefit you and your life.



I look forward to meeting you!




















Thanks to the variety of my interests I am able to help you with topics covering the Body, the Mind and the Soul. Enjoy a look into my toolbox and get a taste on how diverse the areas of my work are.



For a healthy and beautiful Body

Wildfit by Eric Edmeades – The Evolution of Health and Fitness-topic healthy eating,loosing weight

Dancing: Salsa, Bachata - Learning by Doing


Certified Training

 Yoga, Balancing, Stretching & Flexibility, Step-Aerobic, Reflexology,

Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield


Kahuna Bodywork: Lomi-Lomi Nui Practitioner


For a peaceful Mind & Soul

Energetic work with the Intelligence of the Heart (HC):

HC-Opening, HC-Release-Letting go of emotional block, Activation of your self-healing powers.

HC-Meditation & Visualisation, Resonance, Intuitive Coaching,

HC-Clearing: Transforming your limiting beliefs.


Certified Training

SHT Master Coach, Spiegelgesetz Coach, Quantum Tao Level 1-2,

Akashic Records Consultant, Russian Healing by G.Grabovoi






















For Sports and Business-Events
I travel with you and your team literally around the globe, accompany you to your event work, in the background to ensure that all members of your team are energized and fully motivated and remain at the highest level of performance for the duration of the event.

I love to travel with my work and I prefer an energetic and lively environment and that's why my heart is drawn to racing. I work freelance, and because for me a regular 5-day working week and 9to5 working hours are just not exciting, but totally boring, I decided to launch "TeamSupport-OnDeman". The idea behind is through the targeted application of short, powerful fitness & massage units - I call them "shots" - and mindset-exercises, your team will be energized within a very short time and is thus able to perform at the highest level.


Energetic PitStop


For the duration of the event maximum performance is required from your team. A short, energetic pit stop can do wonders, disconnect briefly from top-performance pressure and shift into relaxing or energizing mode. Through the application of short fitness segments such as balancing, stretching, aerobics and yoga, targeted massage shots and focused mindset tools, body & mind can recover in order to be able to perform again at the highest level. Based on the unique techniques of Lomi Lomi Nui, I've developed short but powerful massage applications which, in combination with the appropriate music, enable relaxation or energization within a very short time.


Only a relaxed and vital Body & Mind is able
to meet the challenges of constant top performance.


Intensive living means maximum commitment

Flexibility & mobility are my greatest strengths, I will be there when and where you need me. I adapt my working hours to your specifications and you can book my work from single days up to several weeks.


 I will be happy to answer any questions and together we can find out how my work could be of benefit to you and your team.

I look forward to your inquiry!




















LOMI KE ALA HOKU® - The Pathway to the Stars
Are you ready to leave the old behind to receive the new?


Lomi Ke Ala Hoku® consist of the elements massage, dance and energy work. Long and flowing massage strokes, performed with the forearm, alternate with gentle joint stretching and energetic bodywork, using the elbow in some cases. The use of the elbow facilitates a powerful massage, while the soft side of the forearm makes the massage very extensive and gentle much like long, rolling waves traveling along the body. The caring, heartfelt strokes in combination with the warm body oil and soothing music create a sensation of security and allow relaxation and freedom to the deepest level of your being. Every cell is blessed to create balance.


To honour body & mind

This is an invitation for you to experience your physical existence on a whole new level through the mystic element of Hawaiian massage in combination with selected music. Lomi Ke Ala Hoku® in its classical form lasts 1-2 hours and is a unique, holistic experience.


In addition to the classic Lomi Lomi Nui I have developed my own style and applications which take less time but are no less effective. If you do not want Lomi, I could spoil you with foot reflexology in a class of its own! I work intuitively and Music is of great significance to my treatments. I use music that suits your needs and you are welcome to choose your own!


I direct my work according to your wishes: energizing or relaxing, full-body massage or concentration on specific body zones-how much time do you want to take?



My work is mobile and I will be happy to come to you. All my treatments are available on-site. This makes sense especially if you treat yourself to a Lomi that lasts two hours. Receiving Lomi Lomi Nui can be a very profound experience and it would be of benefit if you could enjoy the aftereffects instead of having to get up and driving home.

 I  look forward to your inquiry.






















...FIREBIRD ...dancing with life...

...enjoy LIFE with EVERY LAYER of my being...

...only who lives WILDLY recognizes the meaning behind...

My book consists of lots of pages!

I LOVE DANCING, moving my body... can LAY IN THE SUN for hours...

...I AM happy... I AM to ROAM THE STREETS with my friends all night long...

...can sink into meditation for hours...

...I'm far from being perfect-

                                          ...that makes me human...

Brigitta Gumpold



letting my heart run free and sometimes being simply WILD...


I hope I NEVER LOSE THE ABILITY to laugh at myself!


A mountain-goat - I AM FROM AUSTRIA -

we are able to ski before we run...I still love nature and sports...


I have always been a bird of passage - hence FlyingLOMI....

Recently there was a CHANGE OF COURSES.

...swapping the UK for Germany...

..closer to home and curious to see where life wants me to go next...


I LOVE MY WORK and the fact, that I get to KNOW NEW PEOPLE and places over and over again...

I love to be CREATIVE and need INPUT from various sources...THEREFORE

LoJoPa...TeamSupport-OnDemand...Kahuna Bodywork...and StoveArt...

...Humour, PASSION FOR LIFE, having fun and dancing with friends  - that's the BEST MEDICINE!

I hope you have got a tray full of it!





















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      ...enjoy  YOUR  LIFE...











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