...What... expect when working with me...


Get ready to be the powerful being you were meant to be!

Reconnect to your inner brilliance, highest excitement, deepest wellbeing, true strength, and power!

In my work I merge science and spirituality into a powerful tool to enable you to live your life to the fullest

on the mental, emotional, and physical level.


The way you feel today is a direct result of all your past experiences. Every situation/event, every emotion you have ever felt is stored in your energy body resulting in different layers of energetic information (cell memory). This explains why suddenly life can feel like you have lost your mojo, why you keep repeating self-destructive patterns, why emotions like fear, anxiety, feeling stuck and powerless keep returning.


Whether it is a failed marriage, limiting beliefs passed on from parents/friends or society, someone telling you that you are not good enough, telling you how you should be/behave to be loveable or successful: It all shapes your life.


THERE ARE NO LIMITS to how good you can feel
and how amazing your life can be!

The way you feel can change in an instant. You never are a victim to outside circumstances! I don't believe in limitation! I believe we were meant to feel good all the time, living amazing lives but nobody told us, and nobody encourages us to even assume it is possible. Waking up in the morning, feeling great, loving our life, having fun, living life to the fullest IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT! Boundaries are only there to evolve and move beyond them.


Bold statements, I know, but if you don't try, you'll never find out...

Don't just function - choose - decide - be in charge!


...What... my energetic work about...


It is about clearing / removing all your energetic, emotional roadblocks and introducing lasting change at the deepest, energetic level.


My energetic work/coaching/mentorship goes beyond the mind, the intellect. I don’t use tools like affirmation or visualisation in the traditional way. I go straight to the core, the energetic level, working with the magnetic field of the heart and your cell-memory. To you it will feel like a “energetic deep clean”.

As a result of my various trainings, I can “read your energy". I can sense where you carry fears, energetic roadblocks, conflicts, negative emotions...because when we work together our energy fields merge, and as a result I can “feel what you feel” ... anxiety, fear, joy, enthusiasm…it all shows up in my body as a sensation. Yes, I know it sounds a bit weird, but it enables me to go straight to the core of the problem and intuitively receive the solution.


So...if you do not wake up in the morning full of excitement and anticipation for the day ahead, feeling powerful and happy...if there is anything in your life keeping you from performing at your best, being in touch with your inner brilliance, strength, and self-empowerment...I might be able to help.

All your topics are welcome!

Traumatic/stressful events resulting in energetic blockages, physical ailments, destructive attictions, selfsabotage, burnout or depression - Relationship conflicts of all kinds (family, work, private) - Past traumatic events - Feeling stuck and powerless in a boring life but wanting to feel joie de vivre once again - Having lost your ability for peak performance on demand - Longing for a romantic partner but reliving subconscious believes and patterns over and over again - Needing clarity for a specific situation or topic - Longing for your true calling - Wanting to loose weight or once and for all shift your nutritional approach - Wanting to have a fit, strong and flexible body - Longing for a relaxing massage...the list of topics is endless whether it concerns the physical, mental, emotional, or energetic level. 


Please contact me to claim your 30 minute free trial session


The only limits in life are those you set yourself!
























...My Services...

...for you...


Energetic Clearing Session

As with all my services we will tailor everything to best suit your needs. You can book a single session, a package, or "as we go" meaning after each session you decide if you want to continue. There are no hard rules and I highly recommend you book your 30 minute free trial session to get a taste how this type of work feels and if it is right for you.


Tailormade Coaching/Mentorship

Every coaching / mentoring program is tailor-made in order to address your topic at the core and to guarantee maximum success.  Please contact me to discuss how I can help.


Luxury 1:1 Intensive

For a specific time and at a location of your choosing we will meet and work intensively on all your topics. If desired, we will include my other skills such as massage, fitness/flexibility, and nutrition. For how long we meet will also depend on your desired outcome. Please contact me for a non-binding consultation where we can discuss all questions and evaluate what suits best.

Please contact me to claim your 30 minute free trial session.


Energetic PA-Support

Ready for something new and unusual? Longing for support and change but you are just not able to set aside the time? You can book all my services while going about your business. Whether I join you on site or accompany you on a business trip I will take on the part of your personal-energetic-assistant. Aside from my energetic work I can support you with your nutritional choices, show you how to implement exercise in order to stay fit and flexible and if possible, treat you to a luxury, tailor-made massage. Please contact me to discuss how my work could be integrated into your business life. 


Weight loss & Nutrition

Many times, weight loss and a shift in your nutritional approach is a side effect when working on your emotional topics. I am happy to assist you with all your questions around the subject.


Fitness & Flexibility

Let me show you how you can attain and maintain a flexible and fit body with as little as 20 minutes a day.



Treat yourself to a tailormade massage session based on the unique art of Hawaiian Massage - Kahuna Bodywork.


Please contact me with all your questions!




























...can we work together...

We will adapt our time together to best suit your needs and circumstances. Everything will be tailor made for you to achieve the desired outcome. Depending on what services you go for you can book my support for a single session or a tailor-made coaching/ mentorship. There are no rules or restrictions to how we can work can all happen online or if it suits you best, I will join you on site, accompany you on your business trips or we meet at a nice location to make it feel like a relaxing retreat. Anything is possible. Sidenote: If we do not meet personally, the distance between us makes no difference to the quality and impact of my energetic work.


We will have a non-binding preliminary conversation to explore your concern and what will be the best way to help. If you are comfortable to go ahead, the next step will involve a discussion about which of my offers suits you and your concern best. I do not work by a fixed schedule; rather, I am intuitively guided, thus, our time together becomes an exciting journey into the unknown.


Please contact me with all your questions, I am happy to answer them.


The only limits in life are those you set yourself!
























...My ToolBox...

A Reflection of my Versatility!


Energetic Work

...explain the inexplicable...

Imagine: You are living a completely "normal" life, when you suddenly notice:you can sense peoples energy fields. Intuitively you can feel where these fields are and what energy they carry ... light, lively, heavy, overwhelming... And suddenly you notice that you can shift these energy fields - sadness turns into joy and confidence - limitation turns into complete freedom - conflicts turn into inner strength - "I can't do it" transforms into a sense of pure self-confidence!

This gift grows stronger and you become conscious of the fact that you can use it to help other people! You can help them solve or transform their fears, problems, blockages, and obstructive subconscious patterns. But above all, you notice that these people are restored to their full strength through your work! Joy and zest for life comes back to them, and their conflicts are resolved! You witness many of these people discovering - maybe even for the first time in their lives - who THEY REALLY ARE - because all of a sudden, they rid themselves of all the limitations and patterns which they consciously or unconsciously adopted from society, family, friends, the media...


Certified Training
SHT Master Coach
Spiegelgesetz Coach
Quantum Tao Level 1-2
Russian Healing Methods - G.Grabovoi


Akashic Record-Consultant

...what exactly are the Akashic Records...

Your Akashic Records are unique! It is a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions. It ist the energy field that contains all information relating to your past, present and future. I connect to this field during an Akashic reading. You ask specific questions about your concern and I will give you all the answers I receive for you from your Akashic Record. There are no limits placed on your questions, but they may not be answered directly or as you want them to be answered.



Flexibility & Fitness


Certified Training
Stretching & Flexibility

Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield





Certified Training
Reflexology Massage 
Kahuna Bodywork, Lomi Lomi Nui-Practitioner

Treat your senses and your body to the luxury of a Hawaiian massage called Lomi Ke Ala Hoku®. Lomi Ke Ala Hoku® is a nourishing path to deep relaxation, through which the eternally active mind can come to rest. For the duration of the massage, I will create an energetic space for you where you don't have to be or do anything. Classical Lomi Ke Ala Hoku® is a holistic massage. It aims to not only loosen up tense muscles, but also to address our whole being in order to also release inner tension and fears.

Kahuna Bodywork differs from conventional massages in the very special way it is performed. Long flowing massage strokes performed with the forearm alternate with gentle joint stretching and vigorous body work, sometimes with the help of the elbow. The use of the elbow enables a powerful massage, while the soft side of the forearm makes the massage very extensive and contact-intensive. The combination of the loving, embracing touches with the warm body oil and the right music create a sense of safety and allow relaxation and release in all levels of being.

Derived from the classical Lomi Ke Ala Hoku®, I have developed my own massage style and offer individual massages that are perfectly tailored to you and your needs.






Wildfit by Eric Edmeades - The Evolution of Health and Fitness


Be worth it!
























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...a colourful bird...dancing with life...

...enjoyingLIFE with EVERY LAYER of my being...

...funny, powerful, different...

                          ...deep, peaceful, caring... bookconsists of lots of pages!

I LOVE DANCING, moving my body... being TOTALLY LAZY...

...I AM happy... I AM to ROAM THE STREETS with my friends all night long...


...far from being perfect-

                                          ...a human being...



...letting my heart run free... sometimes simply being wild...


...Humour...HAVING FUN...


I hope you have PLENTY OF IT!




























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