...and you were meant to live a life full of



And all that is blocking/stopping it from manifesting are your limiting beliefs, non-conducive habits and conditioning.

It’s my job to free you from everything that stands in the way of you having what you want!


...a Body...

...STRONG...healthy... gorgeous...


...a  MINDSET...

   ...producing MIRACLES...


...being authentic...

                        ...being  HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL... LIFE... the  fullest!...





























is my work about?


Powerful Energetic Transformation


Tailor-made Support-Programs


-At a Glance-

1/ - All blockages like limiting beliefs and unhelpful conditioning in your subconscious, preventing your success, will be deleted, and replaced with new beliefs enabling you to get what you want with ease and joy!

Nothing will stop you anymore from living your full potential!

2/3 - Only after deleting your old thinking can we re-programme your entire system and update your cell-memory.Then, I will make a bespoke support programme for you, promoting your success.


-In Detail-



Energetic Transformation

Deleting all blockages preventing you from being successful.

-The prerequisite for your Success-

You can work with the best of the best but until the beliefs that hold you back, hidden in your subconscious,  are not cleared,  their power will keep you away from having what you want and prevent you from manifesting your deepest desires.


The Process:

1. From this moment on we will only focus on: If anything were possible, WHAT would you like to have, and HOW would you like to have it?


2. The beliefs that currently limit the WHAT? & HOW? will get permission to change or leave your energy-field.


3. Life is energy! You are surrounded by a unique, personal energy-field which is part of the bigger picture, also known as the Matrix or Zero-Point-Field. It is my work, with your permission and cooperation, to transform/change the information in your field to enable you to have what you want with ease and joy. To achieve the best possible result for you.

If it is essential for your success, we will also work with your personal Akashic field which contains all the information about your past, present and future. In this energetic transformational process, we will align your entire system to enable you to achieve your goals. During the whole process I am merely a tool receiving all the information needed for you to transform your life.

When our work is done you will experience yourself and your energy in a completely new way! Your life will start to change rapidly. From this moment on your entire system will start to draw circumstances, people and opportunities to you who are in alignment with you. You will get new ideas and insights allowing you to manifest your dreams, achieving your goals with ease and joy.


No matter what area of your life you want to develop -  health, beauty, fitness, success in your personal or business life, happiness, passion for life, vitality, abundance, relationships....we will be able to work with any and every part of you!


Only after this transformational process will it make sense to work on your tailor-made support-program to deepen and multiply your success.




Your Body's Transformation

Let me show how to create and maintain a healthy, strong, aesthetic looking body and most importantly – how to stay agile and flexible. I will show you how easy it can be to release bodyweight and look years younger, simply by changing your choice of food.


Let me introduce you to cold thermogenesis which stimulates the burning of white fat, increases brown fat, boost your metabolism, over all energy and immune system. For the ladies, it can do wonders in terms of cellulite.




Let go of it all

I will introduce you to luxurious massage treatments, tailored specifically to your needs - reminding every cell of your body how important it is to take time and treat yourself on a regular basis to time out from your hectic daily-routines.


Be worth it!


























will we work together?

At a Glance

Your Success is my Priority!

You tell me what it is you want to change or bring into your life, how much time you want to invest and your preferred way of interacting. Based on this information, I will create a bespoke programme for supporting you in all that you need to succeed.


In Detail

What ever you want...

Changing the beliefs that hinder your progress - Replace bad habits with healthy ones - Put an end to procrastination and have a zest for life - Lose weight, change your diet and get fit again - or just to spoil your body with luxury massage treatments…..

We will clarify exactly what you want to have achieved from working together. Based on this information, I will create a proposal. We can work together either by online video-sessions or meeting in person. I am flexible and can work around your schedule, needs and expectations and across different time zones.


Meeting face-to-face is my preferred option but not at all necessary for my work to be successful, of course with the exception of massage treatments! Whereever you are in the world, my work will be as powerful and effective as if you were right in front of me.


You can book my work on an hourly basis, for days or even weeks. Each element of my work may be booked on its own or as part of an “all inclusive, bespoke package”. I will design the perfect, flexible support for you, accommodating your circumstances.



Please contact me with all your question!

I look forward to meeting you!





























The Turbo-Boost

for your Transformation!


On average we will spend 3-5 days together, working intensively on your personal transformation so as to maximise your success. We will meet at a location of your choice. This could be at your work or home,  which has the benefit of me gaining an insight into your daily routines. Alternatively, or you can join me where I live in ……  or we meet in a suitable neutral location.


Are you constantly away on business and would like to work with me while travelling? I can join you for a couple of days and we will transform your life while you are going about your business.



When choosing 1:1-Intensive you will enjoy

the luxury of having a personal assistant on demand.


No matter how many sessions we need to remove all the blockages, no matter how many massage treatments your body is longing for – I am there for you.


If we work on your body’s flexibility and aesthetic appearance you will have tailor-made yoga and fitness sessions. I will look into your diet and decide how to best integrate the necessary changes into your daily routine.


If you would like to start your day with a regular morning routine, meaning you need to get up at 5.00 am – I will be there and make sure you stay true to your commitment.


I will teach you all the necessary skills

to maintain your learning.


Please contact me with all your questions, I am happy to answer them.

























...My ToolBox...

A Reflection of my Versatility!





Certified Training


Akashic Record-Consultant

SHT Master Coach

Spiegelgesetz Coach

Quantum Tao Level 1-2

Russian Healing Methods - G.Grabovoi



Flexibility & Fitness


Certified Training



Stretching & Flexibility



Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield





Certified Training

Kahuna Bodywork, Lomi Lomi Nui-Practitioner

Reflexology Massage 






Wildfit by Eric Edmeades - The Evolution of Health and Fitness


Be worth it!
























                         ...close up...


...a dance being danced...

...enjoyingLIFE with EVERY LAYER of my being...

...funny, powerful, different...

                          ...deep, peaceful, caring... bookconsists of lots of pages!

I LOVE DANCING, moving my body... being TOTALLY LAZY...

...I AM happy... I AM to ROAM THE STREETS with my friends all night long...


...far from being perfect-

                                          ...a human being...



...letting my heart run free... sometimes simply being WILD...

...I am a fireplace designer...

                 ...a lifestyle-DESIGNER...


I LOVE MY WORK and the fact, that I get to KNOW NEW PEOPLE and places all over the globe...

...Humour, PASSION FOR LIFE, having fun; dancing with friends...the BEST MEDICINE!

I hope you have PLENTY of it!




























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      ...enjoy  YOUR  LIFE...











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