be boundless

There are no limits!
Except for the ones that your subconscious intended for you
of which you HAVE NO IDEA!




elimination of

limiting beliefs & conflicts
at the level of CONSCIOUSNESS


Many problems, conflicts and limiting beliefes cannot be solved by "mindset training" because their origin lies much deeper on the subconscious and energetic level. That's why you can often work on your mindset as much as you want and still the limitation or the problem persists or even comes back after a while. That's why it makes little sense to "work on your mindset". Although "mindset and mindfulness techniques" are a step in the right direction, these methods - as the word "mind" already indicates - do not go beyond the intellectual level.


I am of the opinion that true and lasting change can occur only at the much deeper level of consciousness.


If there are problems, conflicts or limitations in your life that you would like to improve or resolve, then my work could be for you.

I work intuitively and with the energetic level and help my clients to solve deep and recurring problems, conflicts and limiting beliefs. However, this is only possible if you take responsibility for your own life. I help my clients to help themselves because I don't want them to be "dependent" on me! What I can do, everyone else can too! Some are just not aware of it!







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I connect with your energy at the level of consciousness. My body "mirrors" the content of your current energetic signature. This allows us to clear your problems, conflicts, and blockages on a much deeper level, instead of just the mental plane and your desired changes will be anchored deeply into your consciousness.


Intuitively I receive information on how to solve your problems and conflicts. These will show up as sensations, images, or words. My mind would not be able to find all the solutions to which I am guided to intuitively. Most times I will also receive "tools" for you, which I highly recommend you use in your daily life.

Please take to heart:
Life wants to be lived by you!

My work will have no impact if you continue exactly as before and do not use or implement the tools, messages and proposed solutions.


coaching support


Energetic Coaching - Individual Session: One session takes about an hour, can be booked individually and we will work on one topic of your choice.


Energetic Coaching - Support Light: We are working with one topic of your choice. At the agreed time we will have the first session, duration about one hour. After 4-7 days we will have the second session and take a close look at what has changed and are you happy with your progress. If you want, I'll be there to help and advise you at any time during the "break".


Energetic Coaching - Support tailor made: There are no limits in terms of: how long will we work together or the number of your topics. I will design a support package, perfectly tailored to meet your needs. I am happy to answer all of your questions! Please don't hesitate to contact me for a non-binding consultation as this type of support is very specific.


Energy has no boundaries and the success of my work does not depend on whether we meet in person or work together online. The way we work together will be guided by your personal preferences or the geographical circumstances.



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Good to know!

What I convey for you is never my personal opinion or assessment of the situation but rather direct information from your subconscious energy field. My understanding and my knowledge would never be sufficient to know the information that is important and relevant for you and your topic.


I am not a fortune teller or a healer. I do not work with health issues, but sometimes, if your problems are solved on the energetic level your physical level follows.


All your questions are welcome!


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ICM Professional - Daniel Weinstock  |  Spiegelgesetz Coach - Christa Kössner


SHT Master Coach  - Roberto A. Martinez  |  Akashic Record-Consultant - Gabrielle Orr


Quantum Tao Level 1 & 2 - Andreas Frenzel  |  Russian Healing Methods - Gregori Grabovoi









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